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This is the continuation of a series. Days 1 & 2 are replays from the first event. Days 3 & 4 are LIVE.

February 24th | 6:00 pm CST | Show in my timezone

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Feb 24

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Fitness & Nutrition (replay)


Feb 25

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Feb 26

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Here is What You'll Learn

Self Care for YOU

A Complete Self Care Plan, personalized to you!

You'll come away with an intuitive understanding of what self care is and isn't, and how it applies to you in practical, easy-to-follow ways.

Resources, tips & ideas

Where do you go when you're need self care help? What do you do when you're life is so busy you don't have time to cook? How do you get active when work & expectations are calling your name? Answers to all of these and more!


Free self care resources including worksheets, personalized plans and more, just for signing up!


Exclusive access to amazing coaches and experts! They are ready to answer all of your questions and get you set on a path to a life of abundance and fulfillment.


About Kyla Cofer, CLC

Kyla is a Leadership & Self Care Coach who supports and motivates world changers to live balanced lives. After spending nearly two decades working with in pursuit of justice through nonprofit and volunteer work, Kyla developed her Signature Rest Formula, to help people step into their passions without burning out.

Kyla moderates the facebook group Self Care For Social Justice Advocates, and is the founder of the Passion Restoration Project.

Kyla holds a BS in family & human services and psychology from John Brown University, and is a Certified Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute. She now resides in Nashville, TN and spends her weekends hanging out with her family and learning to sail.


Matthew Case, M.Div., M.S.W.

Matthew Case is a clinical social worker and specialty coffee professional living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. From his B.S. in Biobehavioral Health from The Pennsylvania State University, to Master of Divinity from Duke University, to his Master of Social Work from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-- Matthew has focused much of his academic and clinical work on behavior change and the impact of self care.

Matthew has worked in myriad settings including adoption and foster care, community development, international missions, substance use treatment, large research hospitals, local homeless shelters, small to mid-sized coffee companies, and minimalism & tidying consulting in-person and virtually.

Matthew's work focuses on how we can make room in our homes, work, schedules, and mental space to better live life and live to the full. His primary work currently involves tidying and minimalism counseling to help folks reduce clutter in their homes & offices, process their past, and rediscover what truly matters in their lives to prepare for their future.

Learn more about Matthew's Tidying & Minimalism Consultations via:


Larissa Lyons (left in photo)

Larissa helps people reach their inner warrior!

She is a personal trainer committed to helping individuals become their strongest selves through efficient and challenging workouts, sustainable nutrition, and consistent mindset training - all personalized to each individual.

Ellie Kinard, NTP (right in photo)

Ellie is a Nutritional Therapist based out of Nashville, TN. Ellie helps women who are pregnant and postpartum meet their holistic well-being through 1:1 and group coaching. Ellie educates clients on foundational nutrition principles, how to eat intuitively, and take care of their gut health. She also ensures clients are caring for their mental health in the form of mental health check-ins, goal setting, and helping prioritize their personal needs.

Ellie is a wife and mother of 2. She love to stay active by going on hikes and doing renovations or DIY projects with her family.

You can learn more about Ellie's Coaching programs via her Instagram: @livingsatisfied or website


Cathy Fisher, CLC (left in photo)

Cathy is a bringer of light, a healer of wounds, and a lover of people. She is a support and encourager for those who are learning to stand on their own, in their power. Cathy is passionate about helping, healing, and guiding people to evolve into their best selves to experience their best lives.

Cathy is a Life Purpose Institute Certified Life Coach and holds a bachelor's in Psychology. She is also the host of The Connection Junkie Podcast where each week she shares tips for how to develop deeper connections with ourselves and others through topics like self-care, boundaries and compassion for differences.

Urvi Shah, CLC (right in photo)

Passionate. Certified. Supportive. Urvi had a passion to help people ever since she was a kid. Her career has led her to all sorts of different jobs starting from teaching to marketing to consulting. Throughout her career, she always felt a bit "stuck". In the past 2 years, she discovered methods and tools to unlock herself from feeling "stuck" and drive forward to the goals she wants to achieve in life. One of the main goals was to transform her passion to help others to a career in life coaching.

Urvi is a certified Life Coach, whose mission is to help clients find their purpose in life. The essence of her work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence and connect with your soul purpose. She specializes in creating personalized plans and providing tools/ spiritual modalities to guide you forward and achieve your desired life.

February 24th
6:00 pm CST